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Comic Fiesta 2012

  • Posted by: iza
  • 2013-01-08 Tue 22:40:59
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And so Comic Fiesta 2012 has ended like 2 weeks ago. Nothing much to report
since i was just staying at my booth. Sold well with my stuffs lol
I didn't get to buy redjuice artbook which only cost rm50 each because it's
already sold out during pre-order sobs. But hey i was chosen to attend a talk
with redjuice during day 1. I sat almost at the front and managed to ask him
question about his opinion on ppl copy and imitate his style. It was a great

( because i thought it's always fans that ask for autograph so why not a
fan gives present instead? but I didn't expect him to lend his
hand for handshake ; v ; )

Managed to meet other artists and friends also. It was great and it might be
my last cf lol.

Otherwise, I always told my friend that i'm not into gundam and only like
sinanju so he gave me this for my belated birthday. Thank you, thank you. It's
always my dream to have some mecha figurines but i never buy any lol.


That's all. Thanks for reading.

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