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Comic Fiesta 2010

  • Posted by: iza
  • 2011-03-31 Thu 03:38:42
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Just some reports of CF2010 (18-19th December 2010)
I went there for both days. And it was really crowded. Everybody was gasping for air there. Because of this uncomfortability, I couldn't spend enough time to browse the booth and chat with friends lol

There are still some leftovers of this artbook from our booth. If you're interested, you can go here for details :D

Top : this was just at the entrance, not the inside of the hall yet :\
Below : Booth preparation before the convention started.

Played BlazBlue Continuum Shift. I lose in just 5 seconds i guess :\
Not used with controller (i played with keyboard on my laptop lol)

Dante, why you are here? I thought you were fighting at some demon lairs or something.

And got some free sketches from friends and amazing artists lol

Free sketches from Kidchan and Terra ;7;

by Raffi

by Keith (Gempakstarz)

by Chi

by Yin

Left : Sei
Right : Kou
next time, please draw bigger :|

Managed to take pic of my drawing before it gone from my eyes ;;

Ahaha i'm not buying much. Thanks to Tsu-su for free Kagamine Rin print, and Terra for free FF III button (from Comic Fiesta 2009) ;;

I guess that's all. I'm not really into blogging lol
Nice to meet you o/

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