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  • Posted by: iza
  • 2012-06-29 Fri 03:31:59
  • Junk
Lately, no... more like it has been years already, i'm so uninspired and i feel no interest in drawing anymore. I thought if i take a long break, maybe the interest to draw will come back but no, i'm still bored with it. I thought i want to stop drawing but watching other people improve so fast, it makes me feel so left behind.

Some friends suggested me to try drawing other stuff, rather than just generic animu style. So i want to try painting style that use like a single layer only, which i really want to do it before but... orz the learning curve, why does that thing even exist.

At least i tried...

This is Orbit Sniper. Those six orbit sniper rifles are placed in different spot so enemies will not be able to find the real sniper.

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